1st of October...here we are. my 1st blog post on my new website. an undertaking.

i can sense a change in the air, though it's nothing quite dramatic. just that subtle lift of the oppressive heat here in Texas, the earlier sunset, the craving for Chai & cooking soup. it's arriving.

i don't feel like i have anything incredible to tell you about...September was crazy, i played a bunch of fun shows blah blah blah, so i thought i might use this blog as a place to simply post what i'm listening to, reading, cooking, eating, drinking, etc. so here goes...

Michael Fracasso's most recent Here Come the Savages (epic divorce album of heartachingly beautiful songs).
Hurray for the Riff Raff's most recent The Navigator. (really interesting Nuyorican mysticism meets good ole' rock'n'roll...great storytelling).
Big Thief's most recent Capacity...a band out of Wimberley who now lives in Brooklyn. Really great female vocals, killer guitar riffs & beautiful lyrics & chord progressions.
Wendy Colonna's most recent No Moment But Now...lush & soulful...just really lovely & catchy soul-pop songwriting from my hometown.
Lomelda...literally just discovered them/her on Spotify as i am writing this. really lovely, effortless shoe-gazey folk-pop. dreamy & mellow. perfect for writing a blog to. ; )

Reading: (I have a bad or awesome habit of reading about 5-7 books at one time, digitally, analogically, a mix of fiction & non...I am a word-hungry machine).
Cannery Row (John Steinbeck)...I bought this book at a garage sale up in Washington on vacation back in August. I immediately read 4 chapters non-stop, then hopped on a plane back to reality/life/work & haven't picked it up since, but anxious to get back to this hodge-podge of characters & California coastal scenery that Steinbeck brings to life so vivaciously.
Momma Zen (Karen Maezen Miller)...this is a book of essays on motherhood relating to Buddhism. it is lovely especially for new mamas...and easy to just pick up & read a short passage & walk away with immense new wisdom.
Happier at Home (Gretchen Rubin)...been working on this one for a while now too, but it's easy to read in chunks & grab something useful for making your life a bit happier or at least more organized when it comes to home life. i can use all the help in the world.
Eva Luna (Isabel Allende)...i finished this about a month ago, but i had to mention it cause it's probably my most recent fave fiction. this woman never fails to pull me in to a world so far away from my own, i disappear into the pages. i love her writing, it flows so easily & the worlds & stories she weaves are brilliant teachers of history, culture and love. 
Unschooling Rules (Clark Aldrich)...a subject that has fascinated me recently now that i have a daughter & have been thinking about her education. not sure where i've landed yet, but i definitely agree with a lot of these rules & ideas about unschooling & how messed up our public education system is. 

i got an Instantpot cause I'm lazy. I made this turkey/lentil chili yesterday and it was pretty good.

really into pilates lately. i feel like you can get away with doing a little & getting a lot out of it. makes me feel good! i particularly dig this girl Robin Long.

The Daily: kinda obsessed with this short & informative daily podcast from NY Times. i feel like i've learned so much this year by listening to this. highly recommend for those wanting to dig into the news but feeling overwhelmed at where & how to start.
This Song: i recently was a guest on this podcast, but was a fan long before. Elizabeth McQueen interviews artists about the songs/music that changed their lives. pretty good stuff.
A Piece of Work: if you dig art or want to know more about it yes, this is for you. plus i love the voice & humor & brilliance of host Abbi Jacobson. 
Note to Self: i so dig Manoush Zomorodi's approach to tackling the problems with technology today. she addresses so many philosophical questions i ponder on the daily.